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This all started with my love for styling hair at a young age. It came about from being around my mom in her salon, seeing her work with different hair styles, colours, textures and many other things which really caught my eye sparking something inside me. Before I knew it, I was practicing on dolls and adding braid extensions in their hair to make them “beautiful kweens”. With that in mind, I moved on from dolls to friends and family, and eventually I ventured into professional hairstyling.

As I worked to improve and explore my hairstyling craft, hair extensions and wig applications really grabbed my interest. I loved being able to use extensions to transform hair from one extreme to another. With all the new trends, the interest of hair extensions and wigs increasing drastically, I constantly had clients requesting where to get long lasting and quality hair. I wanted to immediately provide them only the best hair possible; hair that I know will meet the standards of my clients and deliver the look they desire.

I decided to further my education on quality hair and how to access it. Serving premium quality hair would guarantee my clients shiny, soft, tangle-free and shed-free silky goodness that will last! It is my mission to provide people that.

I then developed the idea to start a brand inspired by all the knowledge and the resources I had gained. I worked hard to be a valuable and reliable hair source for my clients so that I can serve even my international clients. For about 2 years, I invested towards perfecting my dream and making it a reality.

I partnered up with my older sister and co-founder since we share similar interests in our vision to “change the hair game”. It was not an easy journey, seriously.
With Kasé Hair now live, we strive to give our clients the best selection of trendy and A-list top quality hair that gives longevity and is made for a Kween. Kasé Hair is IT! In the end, you deserve the best and we’re happy to serve you. Happy shopping!

Grace Kase
Prisca Kase

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