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At Kase Hair, we take pride in the quality of our hair because well, it’s simply unmatched. Our hair is 100% premium quality unprocessed virgin fibres, that are carefully selected and donated to us by 1 single donor a bundle. In doing so, we can assure that we’re providing fully cuticle aligned hair that is silky, shiny, soft, tangle free, and shedding free.

The strength and durability of each strand of hair gives our clients impeccable quality and longevity for up to 2 years with proper care. Our hair can take the heat, so bring on the curling iron and straighteners! Should you ever decide to change the colour of our hair, you’re in luck because Kase Hair can be dyed, bleached, as well as any other chemical procedure. But hey, you won’t know unless you try it right? So shop with us and find out!


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